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Quickly convert from neck strap to holster or belt type to free your neck pressure. The most comfortable camera strap ever. This product includes :



  • To switch mode, pull out the strap and hands thought it, it’s done!
  • adjust the strap length quickly and easily, It's as easy as operating your backpack
  • With a webbing clip, you can sort out the extra webbing
  • Lycra cloth pad brings you the most tender touch
  • Evenly distract the camera pressure on your shoulders
  • It’s your best ever camera carrying experience.
  • The same function but half size and weight of a holster.
  • It fits almost every kind of body shape. This picture shows the max length of the strap on different body shapes.  And you can always fasten the camera in front of your chest.

  • shoulder pad size : about 385mm X 70mm 
  • Recommended load weight : DSLR/MILC/EVIL camera with a total weight of less than 2kg



Multifunction quick release mount, this product include :


  • classical outline from Manta
  • one hand unlock
  • unibody design with ultra light weight
  • standard 20mm strap width with dual-sides mount function 
  • integrated a hidden hex wrench
  • compatible with Magic Plate
  • Quick release plate is compatible with PD's Capture V3


Spec-main body
  • 74.0mm X 42.0mm X 12.2mm
  • body 48.8 g + wrench 6.0 g
  • 56.0mm X 38.5mm X 9.3mm
  • 24 g