pi Strap SPORT | Kickstarter status update #3

pi Strap SPORT | Kickstarter status update #3

Hi Backers^^

As said in the last update, we start shipping on 4/28.

The first wave of about 129 parcels has been sent, here are a few things you should know:

1. Most of the parcels are delivered by the post office system, and some are delivered by Fedex

2. It takes about 7~21 days from sending to receiving the package, it depends on your location

3. The tracking number will be uploaded to BackerKit before 5/5, if you do not have a tracking number after 5/6, please send me a message and I will reply to you immediately

4. If you have any questions after receiving the package, please contact us by email:

5. There are 34 Backers who haven't completed the BackerKit survey

Thank you all my friends for the support, I really appreciate the experience on Kickstarter, we will be back soon with even better products (cheers)


Silence Corner Team JIMI

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