New product "Wrist Strap"

New product "Wrist Strap"

🌟🌟 With "Squid Links", you can now mount your camera between strap, wrist strap even faster and easier. 🌟🌟

For long-time carry, use the "Pi Strap" to release the pressure.
For agilely carry, use the "Wrist Strap" to carry conveniently and safely.

🌟 Perfect for carrying DSLR/MILC/EVIL camera weight less than 1.2Kg.
✪ Weight 36g
✪ Material:600D Nylon
✪ Material of buckle:Reinforced engineering plastic, stainless steel.

🌟 "Squid Links" system (patented original design)
✪ Mount / Dismount with only one hand.
✪ Auto lock with magnetic design.
✪ Reliable stainless steel clamp.
Employed Artwood 275 Cord 3/32 Tactical Cord, super strong.
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