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A wrist strap that helps you to hold your favorite camera more safely. With built-in SQUID LINKS system, you can switch it on different devices in only seconds. 

This product includes :


  • Easy to switch on different devices.
  • Safe and convenient.
  • Compatible to all size of hand.
  • One hand mount and dismount.
  • Magnetically auto-locked.


    Spec-Wrist Strap+Squid Body 
    • 250mm X 35mm X 13mm
    • PA66, NdFeB, Stainless Steel, Nylon
    • 35 g
    • Recommended load weight : DSLR/MILC/EVIL camera with a total weight of less than 1.2kg


    Spec-Squid Knot
    • 66mm X 14.2mm X 9.0mm
    • PA66, NdFeB
    • 3 g
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