pi Strap ZecZec status update #6

pi Strap ZecZec status update #6

We are ready to start shipping on 5/12

We are very, very, very sorry to inform you that it will be delayed for about 3-4 weeks.
The latest update is :
Squid Base(100% completion)
Squid Knot(40% completion)
pi Strap and Wrist strap(80% completion)
Manta (100% completion)
All Boxes(100% completion)

The yield loss rate is still very high, especially in the "Squid Knot" part. 
And the plastic injection speed is also much lower then our plan. We can barely finish it around 40% now. It means we may need 5 more workdays to finish the plastic injection phase.

But because of the products are assembled in China, this weekend is China’s May 1st Golden Week holiday. They will not be able to continue production until the end of their holiday on May 5th, and the assembly schedule will also be delayed. We are continuing to actively communicate.


The current estimate is as follows
5/10 Finish all the assembly
5/12 Finish packaging and start to deliver from China to Taiwan
5/18 Start to deliver from Taiwan to customers.
We are so grateful and sorry to all of you for the inconvenient. We will keep push our self to keep on the plan and quality. ❤

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