pi Strap Kickstarter status update #10

pi Strap Kickstarter status update #10

We are ready to start shipping on 5/12

The current progress of parts production is as follows
Squid Mount (100% completion)
Squid Button (80% completion)
Manta Mount (100% completion)
pi Strap (80% complete)

We still need about five working days to complete all the production
But because the products are assembled in China, this weekend is China’s 5/1 Golden Week holiday
They will not be able to continue production until the end of their holiday on 5/5, and the assembly schedule will also be delayed. We are continuing to actively communicate.

The current estimate is as follows
5/8 complete all assembly
5/10 Packaging is completed and shipped from the Chinese factory to the freight company
5/12~5/15 start sorting and shipping

And finally, a huge thanks to the backers who are supporting us with positive comments and motivating us to crunch the extra hours needed to get this right.

Thank you for the support & understanding,

All the best❤


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