pi Strap Kickstarter status update #11

pi Strap Kickstarter status update #11

As mentioned in the last update, we completed all the assembly on 5/10

And we will start shipping today (5/12) 

The first batch of about 100 packages has been sent today. We will ship all packages this week. There are a few important points you should know

  1. Most parcels are delivered by the post office system
  2. It takes about 5-20 days from sending out to receiving the package, depending on the status of the epidemic affected by your location
  3. I am sorry that due to lack of manpower, I cannot provide you with tracking numbers one by one. If you need tracking numbers, please send a message to me and I will reply to you immediately
  4. If you have any problems after receiving the package, please contact us via or PM on Kickstarter
  5. We added a sticker with four dots in the box. You can tear it off and stick it on Squid's push button. If you think the push button is not easy to push, this can increase the friction and makes it is easier to operate.

Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate the experience gained on Kickstarter. We will come back soon with even better products (Cheers)

Thank you for your support❤ I love you guys

pi Strap Team JIMI 

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