Two-Way Plate

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This is an accessory for ATOLL. designed for adjustment of the center of lens.

✱This product includes✱

    • Two-Way Plate X1
    • Bridge Plate X1
    • Spare Link Screw X4
    • Spare 1/4"-20UNC Screw X2

      Features (while working with ATOLL ring base and plates)

      • Compatible with cameras equipped with grips and L-bracket
      • To resolve the issue of ATOLL not being able to align with the center of the lens
      • It will not block the opening and closing of the battery cover


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      ATOLL Series

      It's a camera rotate gadget. Like a tripod collar, but way more easier and faster and lighter and....

      What're these?

      Two-Way Plate Expansion

      ATOLL S/C/D has a limited height adjustment, cameras equipped with Grip or L-bracket are not compatible.

      Now you can!

      Just replace S/C/D plate with the Two-Way Plate, you can now use ATOLL with L-bracket even camera with grip.

      ﹡To install the Two-Way Plate or Bridge Plate, the black screws included in the accessory kit must be used.


      Not all cameras with Grip and L-bracket are compatible with ATOLL S/C/D + Two-Way Plate expansion.

      Can be installed - The L-bracket / Grip does not exceed the camera plane (Line A)
      Cannot be installed - The L-bracket / Grip exceeds the camera plane (Line A)

      Bridge Plate Expansion

      Some cameras can work with ATOLL S/C/D, but can't be aligned with the center of the lens.

      Now You Can!

      Bridge Plate expand the adjustment space, which greatly helps the alignment.
      Look for the *BP superscript mark in 📍ATOLL compatible list for more models.

      a - ATOLL cannot be aligned with the lens center position.
      b - Attach the Bridge Plate between ATOLL and the quick release bracket.
      c - After installing the Bridge Plate, you can align the center position
      ( Image reference model: Nikon D850 )

      Can ATOLL S/C/D works with camera + CAGE?


      Most of the cage has a protruding part, which makes ATOLL impossible to rotate. ( as shown in the picture )

      * If you need to install the Cage, please choose ATOLL X

      Will Two-Way Plate blocks the battery cover?


      The ATOLL S/C/D plate has a width of 50.5mm, which will block the battery cover of some camera ( as shown in the picture )

      Replace it with a Two-Way Plate , 45mm in width, to make the battery cover fully open.